About us

The game was created by a pair of Hungarian brothers. The two of us do not have any prior knowledge of game development. This little experience was gained while making the game, so the program itself is still in its infancy. During development, we loved every little moment of game development. To see our idea come to life and become a real game element is a wonderful feeling. Of course, in the future we would like to improve our game to make it better, more meaningful and more enjoyable.

We also plan to create more different types of games in this world (in this universe). We would also like to develop multiplayer games, either asymmetric or team-based. We are excited about the future! 🙂

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we are very grateful and thank you in advance! ❤

Ozani Games
Ozani Games

If you have any questions or suggestions about the game do not hesitate to contact us at ozanigames@gmail.com